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Mickey Taylor & Michael Wyatt

Michael Makes Mickey Explode Cum!

It's been a couple of months since we last saw sexy boy Michael enjoying some fun with Jason, so when Mickey called asking if he could get some time on camera with the lad we were happy to call him up and invite him in. The lust between these guys is clear early on as they make out and suck dick, with Michael's uncut shaft throbbing and solid as Mickey gobbles him. Returning the favour, Michael submits to some face fucking as Mickey goes deep into his throat, but that's just the start of the pounding for this boy! It's a good thing Michal likes it a little mean, Mickey really goes at his hole to make him spew his cream, then pulls out and squirts so hard and so much he hits Michael in the face!

Sam Syron & Kieron Knight

Jed Munroe & Gabriel Phoenix

Jed Munroe

Billy Rock & Kayden Gray

Kamyk Walker & David Paw

Kamyk Walker

Kieron Knight & Gabriel Phoenix

Sam Wallis & Sam Syron

Adam Everhart & Daniel Johnson

David Paw & Billy Rock

Sam Wallis & Jack Taylor

Sam Wallis

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Jason Goddard

David Paw & Jack Taylor

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David Paw & Gabriel Phoenix