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Koby Lewis & Kayden Gray

Kayden Fucks the Hell Out of Koby

Kayden is renowned for being a rough and aggressive top and Koby is about to find that out firsthand. Kayden's blown off his mates in favour of slamming Koby's hot hole, because the lad's got his priorities right! Fit young Koby is far too good a distraction for the hung stud, swapping hard uncut cock in the bedroom and getting that immense length of solid dick deep up his ass as Kayden slams him hard and nasty. It's amazing watching this stud use that big piece in a guy's rump, especially when he's humping that cock up into Koby's hole and making him wank out his load. With his bottom boy done and spent, it's Kayden's turn, and he wants to unload all over Koby's face.

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